Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Endeavor

I am in the process of starting a business.  This is very exciting - and scary.  It could be a huge thing for me.  I will still get to help people and I will be doing something I'm passionate about.

Pennsylvania has alot of resources for people starting a business.  I have started looking into them, I've set up a website for the business, I've looked into business checking accounts, I have a name for the business.  I know where I'm going to "debut" it.  There are things I still need to figure out: funding, where I'm going to make my product, local, state & federal reulations of my product.

I have some amazing friends who support me, encourage me, are my cheerleaders & my helpers.  They believe in me even when I start to doubt myself.  I am so blessed.

I will give you more information when things become final.

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