Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Knitting Machine...

I am a knitting machine lately!  I spent a long time (I think it was actually over a YEAR) without knitting and now I'm a knitting machine.  Knitting helps to relax me.  Lately I've been stressed (mind, body, soul, heart), so I've been knitting. 

I started the blue scarf.  One day I decided to knit on it while I watched a movie (SWAT - I've seen it many times, but love the part where LL Cool J says, "Tell Daddy how you want it." - but that's a completely different topic!).  When the movie was finished, I had knit about 12 inches of that scarf.  A foot!  Well, more bad days/nights followed.  And then there was the weekend that I was putting off writing my 5-7 page research paper for Sociology...and before I knew it, that scarf was finished. 

The hat was next.  That took me a total of maybe 6 hours (spread out over 2 or 3 days).  So now the entire set is finished and is ready to be given as a Christmas present.  And it's only December 3rd!  I am not one of these people who has their Christmas shopping done early.  In fact, I rarely have anything done early.  I don't usually knit Christmas presents either, because I tend to not finish them.  So the fact that I have a knitted set finished (by December 3rd) is so amazing!

The second hat does not have a matching scarf.  The recipient already has a scarf that's this color (that he bought), so I made this hat to go along with that scarf.

Ok.  I started this post December is now December 19th!  I had to load the "finished" pictures from my camera & every time I thought of doing it, I didn't have the time.  So tonight I finally uploaded them.

Today we are having a blizzard here in PA.  It sucks.  I am not a big fan of snow.  Tonight I had planned on going out - a girl's night out.  But that all changed when the snow that started in the early morning hours was still going strong at 4PM.  It may still be snowing, I don't know.  I haven't looked outside lately (if I ignore it, it'll go away).  Anyway.  I'm not happy about being stuck in the house.

My friend/co-worker's church was supposed to have a Praise Mime concert tonight & that was re-scheduled.  My church was supposed to have a Christmas cantata tomorrow & that has been re-scheduled.  Snow sucks!

Well, enough of my snowed in sob story.  It's time for me to get to bed.  :-)


  1. Bummer about the snow. My mom knitted up a scarf and snow cap last week. Pretty cool.

    Knitting reminds me of the Native American weavings. It would be cool to put some kind of "code" in there...da Vinci Code clue what it should say.

  2. Thanks Dennis. I can teach you how to knit & then you can design "coded" knitwear. Actually, there's some thought that knitting was used in the Revolutionary war (to carry messages & things like that). Maybe not the actual garments, but possibly the balls of yarn.